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How do I commission you to make a bespoke piece for me?

So a common question is how do we start the process. Well an email is great or fill out one of the forms on the website and we usually get back to you within 24 hours, Normally much quicker than that. Next question, what do I need to put in the email? Name is a great start. Location, short description of what you're looking for ie. bespoke kitchen. Then we will follow up with an email asking for images of the space you plan to fill, potentially any sketches or ideas you have of what you are looking for and some reference photos. Pinterest is great for this kind of thing. This gives us an idea of what's in you're head quickly. Once we have received all the information we go away and think about what's involved and we give you a ballpark figure for the work stated and an idea of our schedule. If you are happy with all of this we then charge a £200-£600 design fee (depending on the size of the project) this includes a site survey, design consultation, 3D rendered model images of the final piece and the final price which may have changed due to the details of the design being changed. We do our best to give accurate prices at the start, so there shouldn't be any surprises at the end. If you choose to go ahead with the project, the design fee is deducted off the total cost of the project. We work on a 50-40-10 payment structure. 50% upfront as a deposit. This secures the slot in the schedule. 40% on completion in the workshop, at this stage you are welcome to come and have a look and the final 10% on installation. I hope this gives you a clear idea of teh process but as ever we are an email or phone call away and always happy to answer any questions. Look forward to working with you soon.

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