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Christmas Is Coming

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Although we may not like to think it, Christmas is coming. So its time for me to start thinking of making a few nic nacs.

I thought I would try to share a bit more information on some of the processes that I use to create my products, starting with my reindeer.

The timber i used is reclaimed from skips or from my own project offcuts. The process starts with squaring up the timber on the saw and the planer. Next its cut to a set length so the legs end up square and there is no awkward rocking in the finished piece.

Once that part is done its time to get sketching, I draw out the 2D silhouette of the front and the back view of the reindeer. This is really the most important part, if your lines are wrong it makes no difference how well you cut them.

Now for the fun bit, cut to the lines. I take my pieces over to big bertha my massive bandsaw. I use the smallest blade possible, that allows me to get really fluid curves.

Once everything is cut out in both planes a reindeer is born, final sand up, detailing and polish.

I've taken some photos to help illustrate the process. The final pieces will be on my website store and my Etsy. Iv tried to make a budget range as i know there are people who would like to support me but cant afford my bigger items. I hope these little stocking fillers should bridge the gap

. they are fun to make and make beautiful gifts.

Let me know what you think.

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