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Getting Arty

So It's taken a little longer then I had hoped but I'm so pleased with how my latest project turned out. The client had a great clear idea of what he wanted and we feel as though we executed it perfectly. This piece had lots of different parts to it; lights, glass, lots of different colours to spray and a bottle rack.

Really was a challenge, biggest thing I've made in my workshop to date. I designed it so it was knock down because the access was tight to the property. everything went smoothly on the fit and I was in and out within the day. All the lights run on the clients phone so he can have settings for the colour and brightness.

It was inspired by Mondrian primary color paintings and the client decided on the pallet using a piece of sculpture he adores. It really felt like a collaboration with my client. He came to the workshop mid way through to have a look at it in the flesh which was great as he was able to start really visualizing it.

Its another couple of busy weeks ahead so il keep you posted.

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